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Banksy Cop Girl

I became a police officer in 2004. Even in my short service a lot has changed since then. I work for a large sized police force in England. I am a local response officer dedicated to the Sandford district of Westshire. I am one of the officers that you (do not) see patrolling your neighbourhood or responding to you report of a crime or incident in my Panda car.

This blog reflects my daily routine in my own words, as accurately and honestly as possible. It does not reflect the views of the Westshire Constabulary, who neither pre-read or approve the content. I cannot identify my “customers”, locations or colleagues and may change certain facts in order to protect confidentiality.

I am not the type of officer that will arrest anybody for anything. There is more than one way to deal with somebody and whether my bosses like it I still have my power of discretion. I do not agree with criminalising children or adults from normal society for minor infractions but I love catching real criminals, helping genuine victims of proper crime not ethically recorded crime and driving with my blue lights on! I joined the police with the intention of becoming a Traffic Officer. One day I hope to achieve my goal and get my white hat but for the time being I am happy being a response officer. I love to stop cars and catching people going through red lights or using their mobile phone whilst driving. To date I have not lost a minor traffic offence case at court even when I have dealt with somebody single crewed and it has been my word against theirs. To quote a District Judge at a recent case when giving his verdict to a red light jumper “If the officer did not see you go through the red light why would he go to all the trouble of writing a statement and putting together a case file? The officer has nothing personal to gain from doing this. I find you guilty of the offence for which you stand before me” I would love to give the celebrity solicitor “Mr Loophole” a run for his money in the dock!… OK I probably wouldn’t!

I am a very opinionated person as you will probably be able to grasp from the content of some of my posts. I will not always be correct in what I am saying and I am open to criticism of my views if the you can provide a valid argument. My posts are MY own personal views of how I perceived things that I have dealt with. If you think that I have generalised on an issue, you may be correct but I would have come to that conclusion based on my experiences of the situation I have written about.

The purpose of this blog is not to bring the police service into disrepute because I do not think that it is the police services’ fault that things are now done in the way they are. When writing my posts I try not to blame my employers for the processes and procedures I have followed. As the old saying goes “Sh1t rolls down hill” so the senior management teams are only passing on what has been handed down to them from above e.g. the Home Office. So if this blog brings anybody into disrepute then it is the Government.


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